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About Us

Our Vision

At Noble Roofing & Exteriors, our vision is to give the best commercial and residential roofing contractor services we can for all our customers. We work to provide our customers with the best materials, with the best people, for the right budget.

Our teams are built with experienced, qualified people who we treat like family. Because when it comes to serving customers, you need employees who are ready to do whatever it takes to ensure satisfaction.

What We Believe

We believe in treating our customers with respect and honesty. No two jobs are the same, which is why it’s important to treat everyone with fair and individualized attention to guarantee you get the service you deserve for the price you need.

We believe in working to ensure every job is completed on time, with a clear line of communication along the way.

We believe in giving our employees the proper training to guarantee a safer and smoother project.

We believe in giving back to our community by supporting employees and local organizations who work hard to make the world around us a better one.

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The Noble Roofing Story

In 1989, at the young age of only four years old, Noble Roofing founder David Dombrowski discovered his passion for roofing. It was only his first roofing project on his parents’ home, but David was up on the roof with his younger brother Matthew helping his father and his uncles complete the project.

“Roofing has been a part of my family ever since my grandfather started working in the 1940′s,” David said. “Three generations and 70 years later I’m keeping the tradition alive.”

Throughout the years, David has gained knowledge and experience in the construction industry by lending a helping hand on family renovations, additions and projects. During High School, David and his brother Matthew spent their summers working for a general contractor completing roofing and siding projects. It wasn’t until his college years before David decided to start his own company.

“I figured I had the knowledge and the inner drive to make it on my own. I borrowed some money from my Dad, bought some tools and started small.”

From these humble beginnings, David and his brother Matthew would measure, estimate and complete the projects themselves until they had too much work they could handle. They realized in order to expand they would need to hire additional help.

And expand they did.

Today, with more than twenty years experience, Noble Contracting has grown into a full-service residential and commercial exterior construction company with multiple vehicles and teams specializing in roofing, siding, windows and gutters, ready to fill any need for any customer.

Constant Improvement

Our goal to do whatever it takes to constantly improve our services. From continuing our employee’s education and participating in certification programs and trade shows, we stay up-to-date on the latest techniques, styles, and materials – guaranteeing our ability to always be current within the industry to ensure that you are receiving the best of everything.


We’re committed to making sure our customers get the services they need while being able to remain within a budget. By walking you through every step of the way, we’ll ensure you get exactly what you need with honesty and openness. We’ll tailor our services to match the budget you’re most comfortable with, while also giving you the knowledge to make the most informed decisions for your home or business.

The Noble People of Noble Roofing

Every company committed to its customers requires people
with the knowledge, experience, and care to make that happen.

David A. Dombrowski

Owner and President

Matthew Dombrowski

Project Manager

Vance Walker

Project Manager

Nestor Chavez

Project Manager

Justin Pederson

Project Manager

Fahad Rajpoot

Project Manager

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